Information Security Analyst Salary Thessaloniki, Greece

Information Security Analyst Salary Thessaloniki, Greece

Their experience is normally completely different from that of the core business operations. 66% of surveyed workers reported that they haven’t acquired any bonuses or incentives in the earlier year whereas 34% stated that they acquired a minimum of one form of financial bonus. A Data Security Analyst is considered to be a moderate bonus-primarily based job due to the typically limited involvement in direct revenue era, with exceptions of course. The individuals who get the very best bonuses are usually by some means involved within the revenue era cycle.

When the education stage is Certificate or Diploma, the typical wage of a Data Security Analyst is 25,500 HKD per thirty days. The experience stage is crucial think about figuring out the salary. We broke down Data Security Analyst salaries by experience level and that is what we discovered.

The Place Am I Able To Work As A Security Analyst?

understanding of logic used by hackers and skills important to cybersecurity. Where are you able to get paid extra, working for a personal company or for the federal government? Public sector workers in Hong Kong earn 10% more than their non-public sector counterparts on average throughout all sectors. The common wage for Data Security Analyst is 1% less than that of Database Administration. Also, Database Administration salaries are 6% less than these of Information Technology.

data security analyst salary

Information security analysts typically have to have previous experience in a related occupation. Many analysts have experience in an data expertise department, typically as a community or computer methods administrator. Some employers search for individuals who have already labored in fields related to the one by which they are hiring.

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